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If you’re interested in fuller, thicker, and enviable eyebrows, look no further than microblading — a cosmetic treatment involving the semipermanent tattooing of natural-looking hairlike brush strokes. The team at Annandale Skin & Anti Aging in Falls Church, Virginia, offers PhiBrows™ microblading and other innovative solutions to address your cosmetic concerns and help you to look your best. For beautiful arches that complement your complexion, call Annandale Skin & Anti Aging or schedule online today.

Microblading Q & A

What is microblading?


PhiBrows microblading (or eyebrow embroidery) is a cosmetic treatment involving a semipermanent tattooing technique to improve the look and shape of your eyebrows and enhance thickness. The goal of microblading is to deliver the illusion of fuller brows using safe and effective modern tattooing technology in-office.

Why would I choose microblading?

You might choose microblading if you: 

  • Feel your eyebrows aren’t thick or full enough
  • Aren’t happy with the shape of your eyebrows
  • Want your eyebrows to stand out more
  • Are tired of spending time penciling in your eyebrows with makeup 

Thinning eyebrows can be associated with certain medical conditions, such as thyroid disorders. For some people, a change in the appearance of the eyebrows can knock confidence. PhiBrows microblading is an excellent solution to resolve these aesthetic problems.

How does microblading work?

During your PhiBrows microblading treatment, your aesthetician first takes sufficient time to evaluate the shape, arches, and volume of your natural eyebrows and selects the natural-looking or desired brow color to match your skin tone. 

Your aesthetician applies a topical anesthetic numbing cream before carefully using a small handheld tool made of several ultra-fine needles to safely and gently add semipermanent pigment to the upper layers of your skin. 

With microblading, your aesthetician manually draws realistic hair strokes. The PhiBrows microblading process usually takes around two to three hours and there’s no downtime. Most people report little to no discomfort during treatment.

Most people achieve the best results with two PhiBrows microblading treatments. You return for your second session four to six weeks later.

What can I expect after my microblading treatment?

After your PhiBrows microblading treatment, you’ll have some mild redness and swelling in the eyebrow area, and your eyebrows will appear dark. You might notice a little dry skin or scabbing. As you heal, your skin smooths and the color fades and lightens by up to 40% to unveil a subtle, attractive, and natural look.

The healing process is typically about seven to 14 days. Be sure you follow the instructions you’re given to assist the healing process and obtain the best outcome.

Over time, the semipermanent pigment fades and leaves your skin and your natural eyebrows exactly as they were before. Your beautiful brows can last from one to three years, and you can always return for additional microblading treatments to maintain the shape and fullness of your brows in the future. 

Discover how PhiBrows microblading can augment your natural radiance and beautify your brows. Call Annandale Skin & Anti Aging or schedule an appointment online.